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Sir William Osler Health Institute
565 Sanatorium RD, Suite 205 C
Hamilton (ON)
L9C 7N4


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Welcome to Therapy House

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Modern Therapies and Custom Orthotics at Therapy House

Therapy House is a multidisciplinary, proactive-treatment, private rehabilitation clinic designed to satisfy the needs of the private healthcare system. We offer a unique service to the community because of our ability to provide complete assessment, rehabilitative and maintenance services.

If you need rehabilitative services because of an auto accident, health complication or injury, Therapy House is here to serve you. Our registered professionals are skilled in the most modern rehabilitative therapies and techniques, and we specialize in creating custom orthotics and braces.

Benefits of Therapy House Rehabilitation

Our mission is to serve you to the fullest, so we provide a range of benefits and services intended to ease your rehabilitation journey. In our continued effort to make rehabilitation convenient, we provide clients in the Hamilton Mountain area with free pick-up/drop-off and home visits.

For nearly 20 years, Therapy House has committed to rehabilitating clients through a wide range of high-quality services delivered with the utmost professionalism. If you or a loved one would benefit from expert rehabilitative care, don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Custom Orthotics and Braces
  • One-Stop-Shop Setup


We are open seven days a week for long hours. Please contact us for specific information about hours.